Interesting Facts From the Former Chairman of Pulmonary at U of P.

“The Covid 19 infections will not peak in Phila for another 4 weeks and at the Shore for another 8 weeks. It takes 70% of the population in Quarantine to slow the Covid 19 spread and reach a plateau. If you’re immune compromised, over 65 and have a underlying medical condition, you have a 40% chance of dying a miserable death”.

He was deadly serious. Easter for us is way too optimistic a time frame. He’s the expert.

Stay indoors and stay well, it’s that simple but hard to do.

Now I know that sounds rather dire, and I am an eternal optimist, so it was hard to hear. There are others in that same community that are either more optimistic or pessimistic. As a community, we have weathered much together over the years, and we do come out the other side. From hurricanes to cancer, from economic downturns to legislative actions, we are Southern New Jersey strong! Now is a time to put our differences aside, not take ourselves so seriously, and love one another. It’s time for seriousness and awareness as well. We will shift to outreach efforts to staff, family, and those most needing within our community. We are only a small piece of the wonderful fabric that makes up this community, and we never lose sight of our place as servants first. Whether you live here year round, or this has been your vacation home for years, sometimes decades, we are all in this together. Please don’t lose sight of that. Hope to see you all soon. Stay well, stay safe, and stay close to God.