The Margate Dairy Bar will be 61 years NEW!

Calling all Ice Cream & Diary Bar fans! 2014…The Margate Dairy Bar will be 62 years NEW!

Despite Hurricane Sandy renovations….Open April & It’s soon to be the same great place your family has loved for generations—only better!

If you remember doo-wop, beehive hairdos, big cars and I Like Ike, you’ll love the Margate Dairy Bar. Too young? Then, ask your parents—or your grandparents—about this seashore institution, serving up summer memories, ice cream, great thick shakes, frosties, food and fun since 1952! Or just come and see us, because now, the Margate is expanding and to be restored to its fifties glory, slated to be the best it’s ever been! Don’t miss the memory-making experience!